Friday, December 18, 2009

DMZ travels

Delirium sets in as I spend my 6th and final day glued to the computer. I haven't seen the sun in days except for its shinning crescent peaking out to wish me a day of good studies. Any contact from the outside world comes through the looking glass as friends sitting side by side stay silently entranced in those finals they must complete. Vocal verbalizations no longer make sense as the only text I can respond to is that of a typewriter. I try to sit near a window but none of the blinds will open. People have slowly been disappearing. Once an atmosphere of chaotic frantics now a lonesome cellar discarded below the brick. Everyone's left, they're enjoying the world out there, the one I have forgotten. Is it nearly Christmas? I have lost all track of time. The dessertion is unbearable.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Glitch Travel

Traveling can be full of horrible suprises that you never expect leading to an over stressed experience that hardley left you enjoying the places you went to see. On the way to the city of sin these traveling glitches were what found me with the most rewarding experiences....

story to be continued

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Indonesian Travels

There are those times when sitting down at the computer can lead you into a spiraling adventure deeper and deeper into the crevasses of the Internet. Technological sessions that end in one's inability to blink looking up the useless nonsense that exist, yet never ceases to interest. It was during one of these time murdering moments, googling my spirit animal the Komodo dragon, that I stumbled upon Indonesia. It was then that I began my research.

I quickly found that Indonesia is the cheapest destination for travel in Asia. A thrifty spender can use as little as $15 per day. Nusa Tenggara is one of the least developed and least visited parts of Indonesia. The area is broken into many different regions, all which offer a different insight to the local culture. Wikitravel lists the varying subgroups of the regions.

Of the most stunning oasis in Indonesia, Borobudur offers a sight no other place in the world could boast. This fantastic temple is an extraordinary example of 8th and 9th century architecture.

From sandy beaches, to rare animals, to hidden mountain treasures Indonesia is secluded, often forgotten island of adventure and awe for those searching for adventures in the boondocks.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sasquatch Travels

Every year as the seasons change from dreary spring to summer lush, and the sun finally comes out to kiss the cheeks and shoulders of North westerners, who have been left without a ray in the rainy months of winter, we band together to rock. With all the homemade tie dye they can find and festival costumes of many kinds, hippies, hipsters, punks and bros head to the Gorge for a weekend where the dancing never ends, the music never stops, and somewhere there's a Sasquatch on the loose.

Day 1
As the sun rose over the Gorge, in the hours where back at home my head would still be resting peacefully on my pillow, the sweltering heat drifted into our tent as well as the radio tunes of our ecstatically loud Canadian neighbors.
We escape the righteous heat waves to be bombarded by the colorful next door characters that would be our entertainment for the following three days.

Day 2
Breakfast and some spigot cleaning left us feeling rested and ready for a pool party. Splashin' in the mini pool, sittin' pool side and blowin' bubbles at other festivalites the festivities soon lead to a corroboree of shenanigans.

A corroboree is the costumed ceremony and celebration of dancing and singing performed by the Australian Aboriginals. Introduced to me by my new Australian mate Sonya.
Tools needed for a Sasquatch Corroboree:
a corroboree stick, commandeered from another's campsite, to be used at the ceremonial dance

tribal paint, used in traditional patterns to symbolize one's tribe

and of course every festival corroboree must feature a pair of festival shorts, once worn by the owner then discarded and sacrificed to ensure festival fun

Day 3
after a short stint at trying to reach the river we found a better use for the van...
Loaded up with flotation devices, cooler in tow, everyone aboard, and we've instaled the perfect campground PARTY BUS!!!

Once we finally left the campgrounds, there was some music too
Girl Talk's epic mixes over the Gorge at sundown, was a sea of bobbing heads.

more epic pictures from Sasquatch on the website
animal collective
girl talk
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mos def
erykah badu

Tuesday morning and we wave a final salute to the epic weekend we call Sasquatch. Like the mythical creature I'm not quite sure if any of it was real. Maybe I'll find out next year.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Characters in Travel

Creatures of the Sun

Creatures of the sun are Rockstars
Perched on the hills of Dolores park
Like birds of paradise in a field of daisies

Creatures of the sun are Hippies
Bouncing to rhythm, flowing to rhyme
Dreads twirled around bassnectar beats

Creatures of the sun are Vagabonds
Boisterous, accented characters
Debauchery upon the magical mystery tour

Creatures of the sun are woodland Lovers
Traipsing the trees, glowing in the leaves
Hidden in the glittering green

Creatures of the sun are my World
Floating through my bubble as it tumbles across the West Coast sky
Radiating rainbow reflections on an ever changing sphere

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ecotourism Travels

As travel becomes increasingly more accessible the human curiosity to discover grows. These factors have put tourism at the forefront of the world’s industries.

Human curiosity has lead to another growth on the world wide scale, ecological destruction. More and more tourists must be aware of their carbon footprint, that is the excess pollution created from travelers, and the impact visitors have on sites that only a few decades ago were completely untouched by civilization.

In an effort to combine sustainability and travel a new way of seeing the world has gained increasing popularity and notoriety, ecotourism. This form of travel is a way to experience original habitats while doing beneficiary services to the area.

While many have been diving into the experiences of ecotourism companies have used the rising popularity to their advantage. Travel websites and tourist guides have recently been throwing the word ecotourism around without practicing sustainable travel measures.

GoNomad has posted an article helping those interested in ecotourism to select companies that truly help the environment.

Ecotourism has opened up many opportunities for travelers to experience the most natural habitats. In choosing this sustaining industry when traveling it is important to understand and practice the ecotourist establishment and its fight to protect and benefit the environment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Santa Barbara Travel

State St, the embodiment of Santa Barbara’s eclectic culture, is the epicenter for all this small beach town has to offer. Meandering the downtown area one will encounter varied personalities from tourists snapping rapid fire cameras, to model like figures out to find the perfect dress at Sax Fifth Ave, to schizophrenic bums hassling passersby for spare change.
While diversity is brought by the people, establishments such as Starbucks and Juicy Couture have gentrified a once unique beach street to a tourist tinsel town. Wandering a mere block from the stroller filled and skater cruisin’ State St, an afternoon of bustling bistros, pastoral picnics, and shimmering shops can be found.

Running through this downtown main street is Figueroa St. Home to one of the last surviving neighborhood barber shops in the area, Figueroa is the prime example of the quainter side of Santa Barbara. Speciality stores, such as the Knit and Pearl Boutique and the Santa Barbara Cigar shop, play devils advocate to the Macy's and Nordstrom of the downtown area, making Figueroa the non-corporate treasure of the tourist mecca.

The true color is offered by cafe windows. Each restaurant, furnished with cultural decor, acts as a threshold to far away countries.

Cantwells, the popular neighborhood deli, is a place

where everyone knows your name...and your order

Like stepping into a family Italian kitchen Gino's Pizzeria

offers homey aesthetics and atmosphere.

Coming to the end of the Figueroa excursion stop by Jeannine's cafe, serving the best lattes in Santa Barbara, and enjoy the grassy knolls and Spanish architectural display of the Santa Barbara courthouse.

While the sunny beaches and bike surries of the Santa Barbara tourism offer plenty of fun in the sun, the Figeroa boondocks put an afternoon adventure one block from the road far more traveled.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Youngster Travel

Summer came shinning through the grey drudgery of Seattle's winters like a child's face at Christmas time. Slipping from our bulky layers, as neighborhood youngsters, we frolicked across the blacktop coldesacs and made retreats to the pine canopies.

During those lazy days sunlight filtered through the branches setting the forest aglow with a fairytale twinkle. This magical setting formed the backdrop of our many summer adventures.

Under the glowing hollows we hid from responsibility and let our imaginations run free. School, parents television, the puzzle pieces of life as we knew it, broke apart and crumbled away just beyond the tree line.

Rotting stumps became our new castles and vines our transportation. Suburban culture murmured in the background of our childhood boondocks.

Years later and miles away from my romping territory I search for the same uninhibited adventures of my past. Where society's grasp on the moment holds no significance. Gliding across the open road, sneaking off the pages of a guide book to find hidden treasures. Whether it be a funky psychedelic cafe on a side street of Santa Barbara or a hidden wilderness far from highway 1, adventures in the boondocks.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Free Travel

That's right I said it FREE TRAVEL! It seems an impossible concept, but blow away all your preconceived notions of commercial tourism and you might just find a greater adventure, fit inside a smaller wallet.
Read these helpful tips on low budget travel, and learn how out-of-the-box sight seeing can make your wildest travel dreams a reality.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel offers a new kind of tourism. One that gives back to local communities and helps tourists experience the true culture of an area. The site is a collection of eclectic holidays from family vacations in Transylvania to walking tours on the Inca Trail.

The following video explains the importance and significance of Responsible Tourism: