Monday, February 15, 2010

Disastrous Boondocks

Boondocks travelers explore the deep crevasses of the earth searching for the world's secrets. Often ignored is the destruction of a land that offers so much beauty.

In January Haitian lives were shook to their core, by an earthquake that wiped through a population. Destruction shouldn't be a traveling deterrence, instead a traveling inspiration.

Organizations are banding together to pick up the rubble and puzzle piece the country back to a whole.

Trainings like the Disaster Volunteer Reserve prepare the courageous to face the high stress disasters they might encounter.

Alternative groups like the Burning Man bunch, known as a boisterous crew is turning up on the other end of their partying ways. Burners Without Borders is an extended group across the United States working on a number of projects reaching out to countries through volunteer work.

A number of Haiti volunteer groups have been compiled on