Monday, March 1, 2010

Roadside Boondocks

My lust for the Boondocks was sparked when I received Jack Kerouac's On The Road on my 20th birthday. His obscure passion for people, adventure, and freedom were Kerouac's only traveling accoutrements.
In the 1950s when hitch hiking wouldn't get you stuck inside someone's refrigerator in a million pieces and doing the dishes at a truck stop dinner would get you a meal, travel without expectation was a way of life, now it may turn into a traveler's worst nightmare.

With the global internet connecting our traveling generation, there is an accessible family of similar travelers helping each other get from point A to point B and enjoy the time in between. Bed buged hostels and stenchy Greyhounds are the broke man's travels of the past.

This article is a list of different ridesharing websites, getting people together over gas, and a few hours of intimate conversation. Craig's List has their own rideshare listing, especially good for local travel.

The newest trend in backpacker's travel is couchsurfing. People all over the globe are opening up their living rooms for those vagabonders without a place to stay.

The global traveling community is once again opening its doors for strangers to become acquaintances and the regained freedom of the road.