Sunday, February 20, 2011

Motorcycle Diaries

I.ll take you to Rio Negro, he said, But wondering wanderers riding blissful in the afternoon have magnetic bonds
Hours passed as trees flew by the wind carssed faces glowing with sun kissed radiance
Like beatnicked pondering posies we twined down mother.s path
Fists clenched into jaw shut eye lids
Teeth jittering round bounding turns over sloping hillsides
Bottomless tomorrows and sunrise todays
Pavement turning through cloud tops diving into misty forested underground
Hidden from reality of hills and forested countryside
Coaxed out by gravity and slow motion vehicles
Freefalling into the green and enveloped by the cascade
Vrooming by villagers basking in the load of a days work, while we ride by both in question of the other
Vertigo mountains melting in motion
Crystal castles in the morning light of dawn kissed hills
Spanish villas of open counry side sliding past eysight in colorful emotion
No sense unturned, rain drenched heads to soppy floppy toesicles, melted by coffee stands and empanadas made by lucious locals
Dropletts wash away fantasy
The soggy sweetness deepens on two floating bodies hoping tightly for dissapearing clouds
Awkward tensions seep with rain into muscels as laughter disapates the cold clenched hands
Lost in lyrical motion travelers part on a Valentine of synicism

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jungle Paradise

Fading into the jungle
Fleeting into the greenery with the mist
Appearing on the other side in a mystic wonderland Garden Party
Emerald green walkways leading to River paths
Simplistic suprises winding on wandering whimsicle whispers of patterned daising
Winding up machete jungles of hidden showers
Bathing in shivering shimmering tumbles
Giggling golden sunshine into quintessential moments
Exploring temples of dreaming Krishnas
Luciditiy wanes in the lonely nights
Hugging heart roses of familiarity with warmth and light
Twinkling showering love into sexy nightmares
Words of confusion, charades of misunderstanding
Declaring defiance against the vastness of existence

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pirate Tales

Cathedrals larger than the sky
Misguided Ants crawling towards cement and gold clad heavens
Against the back drop of natural wonder
Creeping clouds hide beauty waiting for curious eyes to unfold
Dancing Ecuadorian rainbow waterfalls
Love fantasies transpire in grottos beneath the candel lit moments of silence
While the rain pratterned windows gaze above hobbit homes and rushing rivers draw dalmation guides to hidden treasures in the hillside
Sun snuggled snowcaps dazzle above green furnished catepillars
Spiraling into open hearts heading into the zen wilderness
Hooplas bring debauchery as pirates raid the grass nooks of Banos and the rock craddled crevaces of Cotopaxia
San Pedro boiling over bubbles of hallucinations beneath the jungle to sounds of trumpets on the radio
Twirling circles over vast valleys in hammock comedies
Never stoping the motion of the whirling world

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quito Boondocks

Welcoming taxis with liberty statued windows
conch shell mornings and chanting robed fairies whistling through the green and blue structures
encapsulating the sun warming peaceful blessed lunches
sacred temples and bodisatvahs
giving life for the reaping and harvesting of love souls lost
in the abiss of trains and planes and places to be
mango dripped hands attract french men with sweets and pastries
pretty pink paterns alight the pastel streets
crowded with the colors of a country
accompanied by strangers with stories of even stranger describing dangers in the distance
coffee over conversation making noises in the darkness
passing police with friendly ambiance wave goodye to foreign cries
language barries breaking friendship forms
cooking sizzling bubbles of concoctions over chanting hare krishnas
toothless intentions sing short and sweet, laughter in the air of scents in unknown senses
honey bananas drip away the day in secret gardens of rooftops glitering over senseless seas