Sunday, September 13, 2009

Indonesian Travels

There are those times when sitting down at the computer can lead you into a spiraling adventure deeper and deeper into the crevasses of the Internet. Technological sessions that end in one's inability to blink looking up the useless nonsense that exist, yet never ceases to interest. It was during one of these time murdering moments, googling my spirit animal the Komodo dragon, that I stumbled upon Indonesia. It was then that I began my research.

I quickly found that Indonesia is the cheapest destination for travel in Asia. A thrifty spender can use as little as $15 per day. Nusa Tenggara is one of the least developed and least visited parts of Indonesia. The area is broken into many different regions, all which offer a different insight to the local culture. Wikitravel lists the varying subgroups of the regions.

Of the most stunning oasis in Indonesia, Borobudur offers a sight no other place in the world could boast. This fantastic temple is an extraordinary example of 8th and 9th century architecture.

From sandy beaches, to rare animals, to hidden mountain treasures Indonesia is secluded, often forgotten island of adventure and awe for those searching for adventures in the boondocks.