Sunday, May 15, 2011

Solitude...might drive you mad

Beaming together, I might beam yellow and you might beam blue, together we can green the planet
Like a fern stuck inside a dying tree, waiting to spill out and green the forest
Or a fish with too many streams to choose which, bumbeling along bubbles and sea monsters that know where they are going
These funny little lines and silly little stories
Like mucus creatures sliming out of our mouths
At sunset it all made sense, sunrise rose brings truths to dark romances
Your true glory isnt in what you can touch, but how you feel when you touch it, don´t bother caressing forms you can not see
You won´t hear yourself clearly with the distortions of echoes on a blank canvas sound obsorbed by the blanketed fire
Senses injustified islands caught in a whirlpool of swirling hurls my mind feeling like a swirling whirly topsy turvy zipper carnival ride still trying to digest my corndog
We trample the land with unknowing eyes
Ignorant beasts biting at the dragging coat tails of those less fortunate
Not caring to comprehend the future of our enterprise
Overtaken by a rainbow of colors the prism captured becomes one light bright and searching for direction
Expect the unexpected for expectations get you no where
Ninos tucked away rolling through greener grasses
Clasping hands drug into the fairytale
Adventure never ends
Twinkling Cusco fountains and tumbeling Quillabamban waterfalls
Dont forget the simplicity inside a coffee mug
You are the creater of the dream the creature of this moment
Shine on!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainbow Party ..don´t stop...don´t stop

A feeling without a name an experience where no words can be attached
Moments creating creatures in spider webs and staircases spinning into spiraling circles
Around firelight
Mysterious fireflies drumming a never ending beat in the nightMoments become life times and faces melt into souls
Surrounded by shaman who don.t know their own wisdoms
Unlocking truths with keys made of river water and crystals
Life is spinning twirling in vanishing memories coming and going in pixie dust
Finding magical men in the forest with wild berry juice on their faces
Secrets lie in life and love and giving presents of abundance, that abundantly give
Tiring stories never end dancing in the twilight full moon circles
Showered with silver shinning bliss on the bare shoulders kissed
with Palo Santo sagrado and jungle flowers mystical scented beauty
Swaying in trees in the silence of morning dew bliss caught in the cross roads questions the questions and perfection in the unknown
Guitars surrounded by accrobats circusing pirates devouring Dulce de Leche at midnight ceremonies
Delighting in the existence of being and nothing less...nothing less than humans and their beings

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Machu Picchu

Sacred Valleys turn time and spirits rustle through my bones
Spinning over cliffs ancient stones hidden in rocks and paths to nowhere
Floating on mountain tops before sunrise
Its different from up here all these steps leading to existences that have ceased to exist
A battle to see the dwellings listening to buses course up and down the tracks
Comfortably seated tourists waiting for the wonder snapping photos of what they can not feel
Hidden in the jungle scratching for a path
Running into cliffs and waterfalls in the night
Three children, playing mountain men and gypsies
Clashing in the night, temper tantrums and cursing at rocks and branches
Weary wanderers destined for a destination
Sun brings warmth and paths and a way to see the future
Alighting magical wonderment of ruins and lost cities above the cliffs of the world
Like a bird of paradise rested above a pine forest
Lines of fiction
Vining timeless riping moments
Lost paradise
Rockside mountain tops quake spirits and slide stories
Perched above the world
Alone and not so lonely
We are the spirits, we are the mountains, we are the twinkling light in the universe

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peruvian Fantasy

Cities cover dust and stormy desert hillsides
Made of straw and stone
A barren wasteland brought to life by a people
Drifting by in guilty comfort my eyes fearful and tearful of lives unlived
Habitants hidden in their huts
Scorched by sun and life the weary tuck away
Mad Maxin. through dessert waves
Desserted sandy mountains ebb and flow
The beauty of forgotten land rising to the horizon
Engulf the highways, the earth.s heart
Opening, unfolding the world so close, dosed with magnificience
Untucked treasures make love to the soul and desires
Intervention sparkles at the silly notion of eternity
A saharan-peruvian princess masked from the sun
Staring out windows that dazzle with creation
The heavenly Goddess creature exposes her grandeur
Harsh heat, but loving laughter we cascade across the blue horizon
We are the dreamers of the dream

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sacredly Dreaming

A community on the hill
Vines crossing in a jungle of spiritual knowledge
Jungle fruits and donkey calls

Chocolate goat milk devine
Mountains stretching to the unknown
Mesmerized by Hawks in flight
I fall into the Earth
Tumbeling into never ending green
Engulfed by Ecuadorian Mountainsides
And disappearing wouldn´t matter because its all too beautiful
We forget about the world only a twinkling valley bellow
Echoes of reggeatone remind us that life and ufo.s exist

Going into battle we machette the hillside morning dew

Tenderling loving the garden in afternoon rain

Laughter floats in the wet winds, careening over hidden waterfalls

Hiding in lost boy lofts staring at the stars, listening to the secrets the trees tell the grass

Twinkling dewy wonders unlock stories of universes on brail patterned leaves

The smallest gallaxy spiraling fractals in the imagination

Goddess spirits collide, rejuvinating wonders, unlock fairy tale magic from the heart

The garden our playground the jungle our fortress
Learning, Loving, Living

A community on the hill