Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainbow Party ..don´t stop...don´t stop

A feeling without a name an experience where no words can be attached
Moments creating creatures in spider webs and staircases spinning into spiraling circles
Around firelight
Mysterious fireflies drumming a never ending beat in the nightMoments become life times and faces melt into souls
Surrounded by shaman who don.t know their own wisdoms
Unlocking truths with keys made of river water and crystals
Life is spinning twirling in vanishing memories coming and going in pixie dust
Finding magical men in the forest with wild berry juice on their faces
Secrets lie in life and love and giving presents of abundance, that abundantly give
Tiring stories never end dancing in the twilight full moon circles
Showered with silver shinning bliss on the bare shoulders kissed
with Palo Santo sagrado and jungle flowers mystical scented beauty
Swaying in trees in the silence of morning dew bliss caught in the cross roads questions the questions and perfection in the unknown
Guitars surrounded by accrobats circusing pirates devouring Dulce de Leche at midnight ceremonies
Delighting in the existence of being and nothing less...nothing less than humans and their beings

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  1. I am often caught up in the doing (even if the "doing" is only in my mind) and lose sight of "delighting" and "being". Thank you for reminder. - mm