Sunday, May 15, 2011

Solitude...might drive you mad

Beaming together, I might beam yellow and you might beam blue, together we can green the planet
Like a fern stuck inside a dying tree, waiting to spill out and green the forest
Or a fish with too many streams to choose which, bumbeling along bubbles and sea monsters that know where they are going
These funny little lines and silly little stories
Like mucus creatures sliming out of our mouths
At sunset it all made sense, sunrise rose brings truths to dark romances
Your true glory isnt in what you can touch, but how you feel when you touch it, don´t bother caressing forms you can not see
You won´t hear yourself clearly with the distortions of echoes on a blank canvas sound obsorbed by the blanketed fire
Senses injustified islands caught in a whirlpool of swirling hurls my mind feeling like a swirling whirly topsy turvy zipper carnival ride still trying to digest my corndog
We trample the land with unknowing eyes
Ignorant beasts biting at the dragging coat tails of those less fortunate
Not caring to comprehend the future of our enterprise
Overtaken by a rainbow of colors the prism captured becomes one light bright and searching for direction
Expect the unexpected for expectations get you no where
Ninos tucked away rolling through greener grasses
Clasping hands drug into the fairytale
Adventure never ends
Twinkling Cusco fountains and tumbeling Quillabamban waterfalls
Dont forget the simplicity inside a coffee mug
You are the creater of the dream the creature of this moment
Shine on!

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